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How To Pick The Right Engagement Ring Size

How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring Size

There’s a lot of choices to make when it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring. From the cut and carat weight, down to the metal and setting style, paying attention to the details is important to make sure that everything is exactly what you were envisioning.

But there’s one question that’s often overlooked in the excitement of the ring-buying and proposal process: What is the right ring size? If you’re unsure of what ring size your partner wears, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to help so that the engagement ring slips easily onto their finger when you get your “Yes!”

Option 1: Measure an existing ring.

If you have a ring that fits onto you or your partner’s left-hand ring finger, you can use that to determine the correct ring size. Once you’ve found a ring that comfortably fits, measure the internal diameter of the ring. Don’t forget: If you’re measuring the size in inches, be sure to convert it to millimeters. Once you have that measurement, you can use a conversion chart to find the ring size that corresponds.

Option 2: Use a paper or plastic ring sizer.

There are a few different types of ring sizers that you can find online that will help you determine your or your partner’s ring size. Plastic ring sizers typically look like a looped, flexible measuring tape. Slide the loop onto your finger, and tighten the gauge to a fit that would be comfortable for a ring. The number on the tape is your ring size.

You can also find a paper ring sizer online that will help you decide which size makes sense. Typically, you’ll need to print out the paper sizer. Once it’s printed and cut out, paper sizers work similarly to their plastic counterparts. Simply wrap it around your finger to judge the size of your finger. The measurement should be snug, but still large enough to fit over your knuckles, just like a ring

Option 3: Get professionally measured.

One of the easiest ways to find your ring size is to visit a professional jeweler. If you’re worried about inaccuracy from at-home measurements, get confirmation from one of the pros. Jewelers use sizing rings to gauge your ring size. Sizing rings are a set of plastic rings that slip onto your finger, and they’re often on a keyring with sizes ranging from smallest to largest. This allows you to easily try on varying sizes to determine which is the most comfortable fit.

Jewelers also have many different rings in a range of sizes, widths, and styles. By visiting them directly in their store or workshop, you’ll be able to get a feel for what type of ring works best for you and what size works for each particular style. 

Option 4: If all else fails, resize the ring.

If you are trying to hide your engagement plans from your partner, it can be challenging to find out the right size without spoiling the surprise. If you’re unable to get a close estimate of their ring size, simply overestimate. It’s always better to purchase a ring that’s a bit too big—that way, when you pop the question, they can still slip the ring onto their finger.

After the proposal, you can then take the ring back to the jeweler to be resized. Most rings with metal bands can be easily adjusted within one ring size. Eternity brands, however, are more difficult to resize because diamonds like the length of the entire band—be sure to keep this in mind when shopping.

Pick the perfect ring.

Once you know the right ring size, it’s time to pick the perfect ring. Decide on the shape, size, setting, and style that is ideal for either you or your partner’s style. Whether you want traditional, trendy, classic, or contemporary, there is an engagement ring that fits every aesthetic. But if you’re having trouble finding the ring of your dreams or want to design a ring that is totally unique to you, work with Finer Jewelry.

Finer Custom Jewelry’s special four-step process allows you to easily and effortlessly end up with the ring of your dreams. First, discuss your ideas with an expert designer. Then you’ll choose the perfect stone to suit both your style and your budget. From there, the team will develop a custom design just for you before sharing it with you for approval. Once that’s done, it’s only a matter of time before your custom ring is ready for you.

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