is yellow gold more expensive than white gold

At the beginning of 2023, gold traded at an almost 8-month high, which means the demand for high-quality types of gold is rising. Yet, many people don’t know the difference between white vs yellow gold. For example, is yellow gold more expensive than white gold?

When you go into a jewelry shop, you’ll see options for white gold and yellow gold, so it’s good to know the difference before making your final decision. 

That way, you can pick the perfect material for your gold jewelry and know how to look after it properly at home. 

So, here are the main differences between yellow vs white gold. 

Is Yellow Gold More Expensive Than White Gold?

When answering the question, “Is yellow gold more expensive than white gold?” you need to consider the qualities of the gold material. The color of yellow gold, as well as the white gold ring design, will influence the final cost of the piece of jewelry. 

To keep it simple, the karat of the gold will determine the selling price. Karat is the type of measurement used to reference the amount of pure white or yellow gold. The higher the karat number, the more expensive the jewelry will be when you purchase an item. 

The low range of karat on a yellow gold ring is ten karats. This means there’s around 41.7% of actual gold in this jewelry. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 24 karat is the highest amount of gold. If you have a color of white gold and the item is 23 karats, it has 99.7% of real gold. 

Only yellow gold can be made to 24 karats. White gold doesn’t meet the specific material and alloys for the highest karats. Therefore, yellow gold is more expensive than white gold. 

But does that mean that yellow gold is better than white gold?

Pros Vs Cons of White and Yellow Gold

When it comes to making your decision between white and yellow gold, you need to consider other aspects but the price. White gold is one of the most common materials used when creating engagement rings as it’s more flexible for design. White gold is the better option if you’re looking for a modern, sleek engagement ring. 

White gold compliments diamonds and sapphires like light blue, which makes it a beautiful choice if you want to add something unique to your jewelry. Not only is white gold affordable and can be customized, but this material is also more durable than yellow gold. 

The alloy properties in white gold give the material a robust and scratch-resistant design which means you can keep white gold items in perfect condition for many years. This is important if you’re buying a piece of jewelry you want to last and not get damaged by daily chores. 

Another benefit of white gold is that it flatters many different skin tones. You can find a collection of white gold jewelry for any style, so your ring or earrings can feel personal to you. This is an ideal material if you want to gift someone a unique bracelet or ring. 

Advantages of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold offers an excellent alternative to white fold if you prefer a vintage look to your jewelry. This material is also easy to maintain and is more hypoallergenic than other types of gold. It’s also recommended to use yellow gold if you want to customize a design and add small details to the jewelry. 

Diamonds are also great to use with yellow gold, so many people decide to make engagement rings with a combination of these materials. In general, yellow gold compliments most skin tones, making it versatile for many people with darker or lighter complexions. 

Cons of White and Yellow Gold

The first disadvantage of white gold is that the color of white gold can wear down over time. This means you need to replace the coating every few years to get a new, shiny color on your jewelry. If you don’t want to worry about refreshing the color of your white gold jewelry, this could be something to think about before making a purchase

You should also ensure that you’re not allergic to white gold. Some people report having allergic reactions to wearing white gold, so it’s good to have a test before you pick the type of gold. This way, you will avoid investing in something that will trigger an allergic reaction, and you can’t wear it. 

Yellow gold also has its downsides, such as it can become easily damaged from scratches and dents. If you work a lot with your hands or have concerns about the quality of the jewelry, you might not want to use yellow gold. You won’t need to refresh the color of yellow gold, but you might have to have repairs for surface damages like scratches. 

It’s also good to consider that yellow gold can rust because of the alloy content, meaning you could have a faint dark mark on your skin if you wear the jewelry for extended periods. 

Ultimately, the cost of yellow or white gold is only one thing to consider when shopping for a new piece of jewelry. You must also consider your lifestyle, personality, maintenance costs, and customization features. When making your final decision, talk to a professional jeweler who will advise you on the different materials.

Invest in Jewelry Made With Love

Now you know the answer: “Is yellow gold more expensive than white gold?” you can see that it depends on the number of karats and the jewelry style. Some people want to have a yellow gold necklace that is only worn occasionally, so they can keep it protected from damage. 

White gold is an affordable option for people looking for something modern for an engagement ring or other customized piece of jewelry. You can find a range of jewelry options on our website, where you can shop for earrings and rings for any event and style. 

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