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Lab Grown Diamonds - Scottsdale Arizona

Diamonds used to take ages to form, but these pretty lab diamonds are grown in weeks. The lab created diamonds are as bright as the mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real and fabulous; they are ethical, eco-friendly, and economical.


Are you searching for Lab Grown Diamonds in Scottsdale at the best price? Then you are at the right stop. Finer Jewelry offers a wide range of lab created diamonds in all shapes and sizes.


One cannot spot the difference between mined and lab grown diamonds with the naked eye. Those diamonds are actually grown in a special lab setting that is exactly like under Earth. It approximately takes a few weeks to create.

Pros and Cons of Lab Grown Diamonds


  • Ethical 
  • Affordable

There are many advantages to shop lab grown diamonds. Yet you need to weigh all positives and negatives of lab grown diamonds. 

The first and essential benefit of a lab created diamond is, it’s affordable than mined diamonds. You can expect 30-40% less payment for lab grown diamonds.


You can wear your lab grown engagement ring guilt free as they are ethical too. They do not scare mother nature with all mining machinery. Lastly, they are as same as mined diamonds, so they are real too, no one will be able to spot the difference until you tell them. 



  • No second-hand market. 

The con is that there is no second-hand market for lab grown diamonds. So, you can not think of them as an investment purpose. On the same side, natural diamonds are likely sellable, and their value might increase with time. 


It’s about a personal preference. If it does not bother you to have a lab grown diamond, then you can go for it.


Lab grown diamonds are grown at a faster rate than the mined diamonds. The labs in which they are grown maintain a strict & controlled atmosphere, which means they are of high quality. So, you can get your favorite cut, shape, and size of a diamond at a faster pace.


Lab grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds, you can create an engagement ring or diamond jewelry with a custom design while staying within your budget. Shop lab grown diamonds as it’s a wise choice.


If you want more carat weight, clarity, and your preferred cut at the same price, then go for lab created diamonds. Thus, shop lab grown diamonds in Scottsdale from Finer Jewelry.  Contact us for more information.