What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

What’s wrong with being imperfect? For centuries, fashion rules have dictated trends where the emphasis is on being perfect in every aspect of your attire and appearance. While blindly following these trends, we forget that God creates nothing perfect. There are always some imperfections or challenges you have to deal with in life.


When it comes to diamonds, the general convention is- the clearer, the better. However, things are changing now. Couples are holding the sentimental value of the rings higher than the prevailing fashion trends. Here is where salt and pepper diamonds come into the picture.


How are salt and pepper diamonds different from conventional diamonds?

Those who know a little about diamonds would know- each diamond’s value is based on the 4Cs- Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.


Conventional diamonds are first cut into round or other fancy shapes, weighed in carats, and prices are determined by their clarity and the color of the diamond. No two diamonds are the same, and every diamond is not always clear. There are always some inclusions that may not be visible to the naked eye.


Most mined diamonds are segregated by sorting and estimating its potential value in the market based on how it can be cut and the various imperfections it has.
Salt and pepper diamonds, on the other hand, turn the tables completely when it comes to conventional diamond pricing and manufacturing.


These diamonds are far cheaper than conventionally-bought clear diamonds, as you are practically embracing the natural diamond’s inclusions and other imperfections. This can sometimes make the diamond look way different than what people think of when they see diamonds. Based on the inclusions their color can vary from light black to clear with black patches (inclusions).


Why choose salt and pepper diamonds?


A salt and pepper diamond can be a great symbol of love and commitment between both of you. These diamonds are also ideal if you are on a tight budget and just do not have the resources to get a clear diamond.


These are 6 key reasons salt and pepper diamonds have a market over their expensive counterparts-

  • Their ‘raw’ and ‘wild’ appeal is for those who want to walk the path less taken
  • As such diamonds aren’t mainstream, these are considered ‘mysterious’ getting the wearer a lot of compliments.
  • It’s simple yet sophisticated charm gives an exclusive feel.
  • Salt and Pepper diamonds can be adapted for any kind of use- as an engagement ring, a wedding band, earring, or other diamond jewelry.
  • It has a ‘smoky’ appeal that is absent with conventional clear diamonds.
  • As these diamonds take far lesser resources to mine, they do not contribute to environmental pollution the way conventional diamonds do.



Finer Custom Jewelry - Timeless and Unique Salt and Pepper Diamonds



How to choose a salt and pepper diamond for your engagement ring?


This can be tricky. It is always recommended to take your jeweler into confidence before buying yourself a salt and pepper diamond ring.


If this is the first time you are buying something like this, it is always recommended to do some research before choosing the diamond. Firstly, you would need to know your to-be-fiance’s demands-

  • Does she dream about a unique engagement ring that isn’t available elsewhere?
  • Has she given you a budget as to how expensive she would like her engagement ring?
  • Would she prefer a clearer diamond ring with some black inclusions or a completely dark diamond ring with the opposite effect?


You will also need to sneakily get her approval of the design and the size of the ring. You could ask one of her friends to take her to a jeweler and see which kind of engagement ring design she likes. Also, ask that friend to check her finger ring size. Or you could get one of her rings and base the engagement ring on that size.


There are innumerable ways you can style a salt and pepper diamond for an engagement ring. You could have a black diamond flanked by other stones or a clearer diamond with a customized design.


Based on your budget, your jeweler could help you choose the right design and metal for the ring. It is recommended to consult an experienced jeweler who will not only help you select the right design but also get the engagement ring made just in time.

At Finer Diamonds’ three locations in Houston, Scottsdale, and Dallas, expert jewelers help you select the right design based on the diamond you chose. Also, you have to place your order at least two months in advance to get the ring ready if you are getting engaged in a planned engagement ceremony.


If you are planning a surprise engagement proposal to your girlfriend, ask the folks at Finer to help you select the right custom salt and pepper diamond engagement ring that will impress her to no bounds.