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5 Tips for Creating Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

People have uncovered jewelry that’s over 100,000 years old. Jewelry is the oldest type of body adornment and includes everything from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets. Civilizations have used jewelry for generations as protection, currency, or bodily decoration. Even today, most people you pass on a busy street are wearing some sort of jewelry. They […]

What Are Moissanite Rings?

Moissanite Rings

Did you know that diamonds were not the first choice for diamond rings until the late 1940s? Although other gemstones were used before the popularity of diamond rings in the 1940s, diamonds have become a classic choice for engaged couples.  Ever since diamonds have become popular for engagement rings, the industry has boomed. The diamond market was valued […]

How To Find a Custom Jeweler

Custom Jeweler

Need to find a jeweler? You shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking one down in your immediate area. There are almost 50,000 jewelry stores scattered throughout the country as of 2022. That should make finding a jeweler a breeze. But if you’re in the market for a custom jeweler who can create a custom piece […]

15 Non-traditional Wedding Ring Ideas To Inspire Your Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Diamonds might not be forever anymore. There’s nothing wrong with a diamond for your engagement or wedding ring, but many couples are opting for more non-traditional options. Simply put, diamonds are no longer the only option for declaring your love. When it comes to custom designs for a ring, you can choose the stone, band, […]

5 Custom Wedding Ring Ideas for Couples

custom wedding ring

Weddings have rebounded in a big way after the COVID-19 pandemic forced couples to hold reduced and remote wedding ceremonies or put a halt to their wedding plans altogether. An estimated 2.6 million weddings will take place in 2022—a record number that hasn’t occurred since 1984. Your wedding day is a special event for proclaiming your love […]

5 Things To Remember When Designing a Custom Ring

custom ring

Alternative rings have risen in popularity in recent years thanks to celebrities showing off all their customized engagement rings, like Lady Gaga’s famous heart-shaped ring. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a celebrity to present your love with a custom ring.  Creating a ring from a custom design is a special process that will make […]

Why Custom Jewelry Makes for the Best Gifts

custom jewelry

The oldest piece of jewelry discovered so far was created 150,000 years ago. Ever since then, people have loved custom pieces of jewelry and, of course, giving jewelry to other people. This practice has not changed even in our modern age and custom jewelry still remains more popular than ever.  You will find that custom […]

The Ultimate Guide to Appropriate Rings for Medical Professionals

rings for medical professionals

While we can’t speak for you readers, most patients care a lot about what their doctor wears. A 2016 study found that over 50% of participants said how their attending doctor dresses matters. “Perhaps this is why most doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals often go without rings.” You may think. Well, no. It’s not forbidden […]

A Quick Guide to Non-traditional and Unique Engagement Rings

unique engagement rings

Quick, think about symbols of marriage! If rings come to mind, they should. Nearly 1.7 million couples got married in 2020, and nearly every married person left the altar with a ring on their finger. This makes it hard to find truly unique engagement rings. Yet you shouldn’t panic. You have many different options for […]

Brilliant Vs Step Cut Diamonds

Step Cut Diamonds Vs Brilliant

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is deciding between a brilliant-cut diamond and a step-cut diamond. Both of these primary cuts can look stunning when set in an engagement ring, but they have different characteristics and sparkle that may be more or less appealing to you. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of diamond so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

Gender Neutral and Non-Binary Rings

gender neutral rings

If you’re among the 1.2 million Americans who identify as nonbinary, finding clothes can be a challenge… let alone jewelry. If you want to spruce up your wardrobe with some stylish rings, it’s important that you find unisex styles that you can feel confident rocking every day. This is also true if you’re looking to […]

Vintage Diamond Rings: The Differences Between Them and Their History

vintage diamond rings

Buying vintage clothes and indulging in old-timey styles is currently the height of luxury. Young people enjoy emulating their favorite icons while putting fresh spins on antique and vintage styles. Engagement rings are no different. Here, we’re going to talk about vintage diamond rings and the styles that you can choose from before proposing. Read […]

Choosing Wedding Rings for Gay Couples

wedding rings for gay couples

June is Pride Month, a celebration of same-sex partnerships and gay culture. Pride reaffirms that love is love, no matter the sexual orientation of the individuals. So it makes sense that for gay couples everywhere, it would also be a great time to get married or pop the question to that special someone. With the […]

The Difference Between HPHT and CVD Diamonds: What You Need to Know


The Difference Between HPHT and CVD Diamonds: What You Need to Know   When you are shopping for diamonds that are not earth mined, you will likely come across two different types: HPHT and CVD. But what are the similarities and contrasts between these two types of diamonds? And which diamond is right for you? […]

All you need to know about Diamond Accents

All you need to know aboutDiamond Accents

All You Need To Know About Diamond Accents A shimmering diamond engagement ring is what every girl yearns to have. Though most of you are aware of the single diamond engagement ring, there is also the option of adding diamond accents to the ring for an even greater shine and look.  Here is all you […]

Three-stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone Engagement Rings

Three-Stone Engagement Rings Congratulations! You finally met the person you feel special for & decided to take vows with. You’re on the hunt for the ideal engagement ring to display and represent your perfect relationship. The three-stone engagement ring is one of the best choices that will signify that you’ve had your past together, you’re […]

Trending Wedding Bands

Trending Wedding Bands

Tranding Wedding Bands In the world of fashion and culture, trends are fascinating phenomena. Sometimes it’s obvious and relatable when something becomes trendy, but other times it’s just not worth it. Trends in the bridal market take a bit longer to emerge than in other industries, which is a good thing because no one wants […]

The Meaning & History of Moonstone Jewelry

The Meaning And History of Moonstone Jewelry

The Meaning & History of Moonstone Jewelry Moonstone mesmerizes gem enthusiasts of all cultures with its ethereal appearance. The pearly iridescence it displays is so lovely that it should have a deeper meaning. True enough, its enigmatic name and whimsical glint conceal a powerful significance. Monks, shamans, spiritualists, and believers of numerous religions hold it […]

Non-Engagement Ring Ideas


Non-Engagement Rings Self-love is greater than any other form of love. So, when it comes to buying a ring for yourself, there are no rules on design. Buying a brilliant ring is no longer limited to proposals, marriages, and anniversaries to celebrate good news in your life or simply for the pleasure of possessing a […]

What is a transitional cut diamond?


What is a Transitional Cut Diamond? Have you ever heard about a transitional cut diamond and are excited to know more about this historical diamond cut? The transitional cut is a classic style that was only popular for a few decades. Its scarcity has led some to believe it is merely a fable, as there is […]