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What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are known by a variety of names, including lab grown, lab created, lab made, and even engineered diamonds. All of these names allude to the fact that synthetic diamonds are made in a laboratory or plant rather than existing naturally and being extracted from the earth. Any synthetic diamond labs use sophisticated technologies to simulate the conditions in which natural diamonds grow underneath the earth's crust. This origin story is the primary distinction between synthetic and natural diamonds since synthetic diamonds have almost all of the same chemical, optical, and physical properties, as well as the same crystal structure as natural diamonds. Lab grown synthetic diamonds Houston is easy to find, have jewelry of lab grown diamonds for your loved ones from Finer Jewelry.

Why wear earrings?
Why wear earrings?


Lab Grown Diamonds are test tube babies grown from a single diamond seed under the same heat and pressure as the earth's crust. They are environmentally conscious and they do not cause environmental damage by mining. This category has gained worldwide recognition because it avoids the stigma associated with blood diamonds. Most notably, they are more uniform while being less expensive than natural diamonds.

Yes, it is a genuine diamond; and the most advanced gem labs have certified it as such. The only distinction is that instead of being extracted from the ground, these diamonds are grown in a lab under monitored conditions.


Yes, lab produced diamonds are available in both colors and transparency, much as natural diamonds. The only difference between a lab created diamond and a natural diamond is its nature. A lab created diamond is "grown" within a laboratory using cutting-edge technology that mimics the natural diamond growth process. As a result, man-made diamonds are chemically, mechanically, and optically identical to those found under the Earth's crust. Lab grown diamonds are also affordable than natural diamonds, so if you are going for lab grown diamond Houston, go for Finer Jewelry.

Why wear earrings?
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