Lab Grown Diamonds In Scottsdale

Have you started your search for an engagement ring? Explore our collection of stunning and high-quality lab grown diamonds in Scottsdale. If you’re ready to get a custom engagement ring made schedule a design appointment today, and we’ll show you how we’ll bring your vision to life for that special someone.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds Scottsdale are grown from a single diamond seed under the same heat and pressure as the earth’s crust. They are environmentally benign since they do not cause environmental damage through mining. Most significantly, they are more uniform while being less expensive than natural.

uncut lab-grown diamonds scottsdale

Are you ready to see how a lab-grown diamond will look in a custom engagement ring?

Schedule a design appointment today, and we’ll show you how to turn your vision for a ring into a reality your special someone will love. 


Design Your Own Diamond Ring

With Finer Custom Engagement Rings and Diamonds, you can design your own diamond ring with this state of the art lab-created diamond process. Lab-created diamonds are developed from pre-existing diamonds’ microscopic carbon diamond seeds. Advanced technology, such as intense pressure and heat or a unique deposition technique known as CVD, replicates the natural diamond creation process. Some lab diamonds produced via deposition may also be subjected to pressure and heat treatment after they are formed. When minute amounts of particular trace elements are present throughout the development phase of the produced diamond, lab grown fancy colored diamonds are made, much like in nature. The specific makeup of trace elements in white and fancy colored lab diamonds may differ from that of real diamonds. Only sophisticated technology capable of detecting small variations in trace components and crystal development can differentiate a lab diamond from a natural diamond.

Natural Vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds Scottsdale have the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as real diamonds, including fire, scintillation, and glitter. Man-made diamonds are virtually difficult to distinguish from real diamonds when viewed through a jeweler loupe. Lab-created diamonds may include trace elements that differ from natural diamonds but have no effect on the diamond’s appearance. The significant difference is how they are formed: natural diamonds go through pressure and heat under the earth, and lab grown diamonds go through the same pressure and heat in a laboratory. If you are looking for an alternative for diamonds then visit us to design your own diamond ring from Finer Custom Engagement Rings and Diamonds.