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With 3 locations in Arizona and Texas, Finer is the leading diamond and Jewelry buyer with hundreds of 5 star reviews. Our buyers offer immediate cash payment for unwanted Gold, Watches or Diamonds.

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Please bring any documentation you might have like a gemological certificate or appraisal


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We will make sure to educate you about your item so you can make the best decision


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We will give you a cash offer on the spot. You can accept or deny with no obligation or pressure.


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In case you choose to accept our offer, we will pay you via cash, check, ACH or wire. Your choice.

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Competitive prices:

We offer highly competitive prices for your cherished possessions.

Our experienced team:

Our team will assess the true worth of your items accurately based on factors such as purity, carat weight, and market value.

Fair and transparent:

At finer custom jewelry we believe in conducting business with complete transparency.

No obligation:

Empowering customers is important to us! Thats why you're under no obligation to sell if you're not satisfied with our offer; we respect your decision either way

I came to Shimon with a bit of a weird situation. I had a stone and wasn’t sure if I wanted to sell it or make it into a ring to keep for myself. Shimon listened very well and helped me talk through my options. I ultimately decided to keep the stone and he helped me design the most beautiful ring. I was very happy with the entire process. Every time we met, Shimon always took time to listen and make personal connection. I would 100% recommend him and hope I have a reason to work with him again!

Emily Petrocy

I highly recommend Finer Jewelry as your FIRST go-to for appraisal if you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable establishment to sell your diamond. My experience has been wonderful and absolutely seamless! Shimon is very professional, knowledgeable, genuine and honest – a true pleasure to work and negotiate with. And he made a fair and competitive bid. I am a very happy customer! The whole process of bid to sale to payment was also unbelievably timely. I am so overjoyed with this experience that Shimon at Finer will now be first choice for all my jewelry needs!

Beverly Potthoff

I came into Finer Jewelry and was pleasantly surprised by my experience. As someone who was already upset about breaking off my engagement, I now had to figure out how to sell my ring. He really made me understand the process and made sure that it was an even agreement. I did not feel like I was robbed or given a wrong estimate since he really explained to me how the market works and the depreciation values of diamonds. I would highly recommend taking any of your diamonds to Finer Jewelry even if you don’t end up selling to them you’ll still get a fair assessment!

Catherine Mulkerin

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Inspecting the diamond for certification

    Gather all documents related to its certification or paperwork as they can help establish its authenticity and value. It must be noted that if you remove the diamond from your engagement ring, there is a potential risk of affecting its overall value negatively.

    You can sell your ring at various places, including jewelry stores, pawn shops, online marketplaces, and specialized diamond and gold buyers. We recommend to make sure the company you work with is well established and have experience dealing with the item you are trying to sell. 

    To ascertain its true value, several elements need consideration regarding your ring. These aspects comprise various vital components like current market prices for both gold and diamonds as well as quality features within each stone.
    Furthermore, another crucial aspect that needs attention is how heavy or light it is made from precious metal such as gold. Finally yet importantly it is necessary to examine its present condition overall.

    While seeking immediate funds may seem like the top priority when deciding between different sales options available – there are nuances that one must make note of before plowing forward with a course of action. Pawn shops can be mutually satisfying agreements between parties but one has to be conscious and understand their appraisal process often yields lower than true market worth values for high-ticketed items like rings. Rather it is suggested that consulting with leading jewelers or utilizing trade-in sites explicitly focused on fine jewelry yields better monetary returns and also offers transparent dealings beneficial long-term.

    To ensure maximum benefits, it’s advisable to get multiple quotes from a variety of buyers and make necessary comparisons among the proposed offers. Conducting thorough research on the present market prices for gold and diamonds can equip one with a better comprehension of what they should expect. Furthermore, working alongside reliable and well-established buyers with great customer reviews could prove advantageous.

    It ultimately depends on your preference. In case the diamond holds great significance you may opt for having it detached and trading it singularly to a purchaser specializing in diamonds. However note that extracting the diamond can potentially affect the overall valuation of the ring.

    Selling a damaged or broken engagement ring is an option. Nevertheless, one must take into account that its worth may decrease because of repair costs or melting down fees needed for gold recycling.

    In essence, the value of a diamond rests in the hands of its potential buyer as they dictate its price. Although certain elements may provide insight into the evaluation of your GIA certified diamond, seeking counsel from professionals in the field is highly recommended for an exact estimation.