Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Are you aware of fancy colored diamonds?

Would you prefer them in an engagement ring instead? Fancy color diamonds are making a statement and stealing the show with their ethereal beauty and elegance.

These fancy colored diamonds are naturally available in different colors ranging from vibrant blue, pink and orange to brilliant red and muted yellow. You can try with the best shades complimenting your outfit and jewelry set.

Let’s explore and study more about fancy color diamonds, prices, and color grades.

What Are Fancy Color Diamonds?

Fancy Color Diamonds are generally brown or yellow-colored diamonds that exhibit color ‘beyond the Z range.’ It comes with a noticeable body color when viewed in the face-up position.

How Many Colors Do Colored Diamonds Come In?

Colored Diamonds are available in nearly 27 based colors. However, it may come to 200 combinations considering the level of modifiers and intensity that forms a slightly newer color. Together, the shape, cut, and clarity make up an invaluable and incredible diamond one of a kind.

Which is the rarest diamond color?

When a diamond is chemically pure and structurally perfect with no hues, no inclusion is said to be the rarest diamond. Most of the white diamonds are available at a discounted rate, while blue and intense pink color diamonds are dramatically more valuable. But, out of all these fancy diamond colors, red diamonds are the rarest.

Are fancy colored diamonds expensive?

As discussed red colored diamonds are the rarest and most expensive as they come with only one intensity – ‘Fancy.’ 

But are colored diamonds real? People often get worried about this question; after all, you must get the worth you are paying for.

So, the color added to a diamond naturally exists in the component element. This is an atomic structure of a stone that reflects fancy colors.

Historically, it is found in mines and developed within the stone over a million years ago. This color is naturally formed into rough stones that are completely authentic in every way.


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How are fancy colored diamonds graded?

Fancy colored diamonds are graded along these three different axes:
·         The Hue (The actual color of a stone)
·         Tone (The relative darkness or lightness of a stone)
·         Saturation (The dispersion of how light or dark the color of a stone is)

Fancy Color Diamond Hues

Hue is a specific color that we see. It could be a single color of a diamond, let say blue or pink, or can have a secondary color too, like a pinkish-red diamond. This is mainly affected by tints or modifiers that bring color to a stone.  

From the color chart, you can see that a single color potentially has several modifiers that are altogether summed up as a fancy color diamond.

Fancy Color Diamond Saturation

Saturation refers to the concentration or intensity of a particular or any primary color. It is related more to the strength of color – Light. Vivid. Intense.

Let’s understand in a better way. Take a white cloth and soak it into a bowl full of red food coloring as Red is a highly concentrated and intense color. Now take another bowl and dip the fabric diluted with 2/3 of water. You will see no change in hue but a minor change in saturation- More diluted but lighter in Tone.

Fancy Color Diamond Tone

Tone exhibits the degree of light to a dark color. Typically, it shows how much (the proportion) of color is present in a diamond stone.

If you mix a little pure red food coloring with black, there would not be any change in saturation, but it will appear darker in tone. However, the hue would still be red.

The GIA Grades Fancy Colored Diamond Scale

As discussed earlier, diamonds whose grade exceeds Z on the “D to Z scale” are fancy color diamonds. And looking up to their saturation and tone when viewed in face-up position, these are called-
Fancy Light – It has weak saturation and a light tone. For example, Fancy light Yellow Diamond and Fancy Light Pink Diamond.

Fancy – It comes with either slightly darker or slightly stronger saturation or both

Fancy Deep- This is a bit darker and a bit more saturated

Fancy Intense- It has a slightly lighter tone with a significantly stronger saturation

Fancy Vivid- Coupled with the strongest saturation, it has a relatively lighter tone

As the color saturation increases, so does the value. All these grades are rightly based on a different intensity of hues.

Fancy color diamond prices

A combination of intense, rarity, and beauty often drives buyers’ interest. Different types of diamond colors are available with varying values of prices. For instance, the rarest diamond might be sold for millions of dollars per carat. While some of the common colored diamonds like black, brown, or grey are still affordable to many people.

After red-colored diamonds, yellow diamonds fall in the next rarity because of their fire, brightness, and exceptional luster. A fancy yellow colored diamond ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 per carat in sizes under two carats.
However, pink, blue and green costs over $100,000 per carat, and for the finest and rare colors (red, orange and violet diamonds) and refined quality diamonds, it will range over $ 1,000,000 per carat.

High Profile Fancy Color Diamond Prices

Some of the high profile purchases of the world’s most expensive and rarest colored diamonds consist of:
7.37-carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond has been sold for $819,201 per carat
A Vivid Green Diamond sold for USD 3.08 million, a price of $1.22 million per carat.
The 12.03-carat Blue Moon was sold for almost $50 million. This is the only diamond that sold for more than $4 million per carat.
A 0.20 carat purplish red color diamond can cost about $300,000 per carat and around $500,000 for 0.40 carats.

Mid-Range Fancy Colored Diamond Prices:

A few mid-range fancy colored diamond prices are- 

·         Deep Yellowish Orange Diamond- starts from $9,000/carat

·         Orange Brown – starts from $10,000/carat

·         Brownish Orange – starts from $28,000/carat

·         Orange Yellow – starts from $21, 000/carat

However, the price of a color depends on more than its hues. It varies as per the tone and strength of a secondary color. It also considers the uniformity of colored stone, color saturation, size of gem and quality of cut and others to perfectly define a fancy color diamond price.

What are the different shapes of colored diamonds available?

Colored diamonds offer a captivating range of shapes each, with its charm. These include cushion, radiant, round, pear, emerald, oval, heart, marquise, asscher, princess and other unique shapes.

Fancy colored diamonds are often the greatest way to make your ring one-of-a-kind. Visit our Diamond Jewelry store in Scottsdale or make us a call to discuss your ideas.

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