Diamond Cuts

Are you anxious about choosing the perfect ring for your to-be fiance? Or are wondering how to choose an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd? If you’re wondering what the most popular diamond cuts are right now, then this article is for you. Each cut has its own unique sparkle, offering something for everyone! From lab grown diamonds to the classic princess cut diamond and more.

Whatever type of stone you’re looking for, this guide will help guide you in finding the best engagement rings.

There are a few different diamond cuts that you can choose; get started choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring. Here’s what you need to know about the various diamond cuts.

Jewelers cut diamonds into seven main silhouettes, each with its own characteristics. Find the perfect one that matches both your and your partner’s style. Read on to learn more about these most popular kinds of diamonds.

Round Brilliant Cut

It’s no surprise these particular stones hold a monopoly on 75% of the market. They also come as one of the costlier options. They work well with most styles and settings, which is why this cut is a favorite among jewelry lovers alike.

These have unparalleled brilliance. Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are the most sought-after of all diamond types. They are available in numerous sizes and grades, as well as for different budgets.

The brilliance of round brilliant diamonds found its peak in the early 1900s. This is when Marcel Tolkowsky added an extra 58 facets to optimize light reflection and refraction. Having the optimal diamond cut is essential, as it has a major impact on both the shine and sparkle of a stone.

The round diamond is a viable purchase option as its optimal brilliance can help cover up slight imperfections. These are natural to the diamond and include things like shadows and inclusions. You’ll need a near-perfect octahedron crystal to be qualified for this cut. Also over 50% of the gemstone becomes lost during cutting.

Cushion Cut

Inspired by Minimal Art, cushion cut diamonds are square or rectangular with soft corners. They are known for their sparkle and brilliance. These gems are an affordable yet luxurious pick.

Despite their slightly diminished brilliance compared to round brilliant diamonds, cushion cut gems are unique in their ability to glitter with all the colors of the rainbow. They come at a more affordable price than other cuts.

You can opt for cushions that have slight shades of yellow, which will lower your cost further without compromising on quality or beauty. This makes them a great option got those looking for an even greater bargain.

Cushion cut diamonds are typically placed in four-prong settings to maximize their sparkle. They can be combined to make different kinds of rings, from channel sets to split shanks. Cushion cut diamonds have the perfect shape for being paired side by side.

Princess Cut

Princess Cut diamonds are known for their exceptional light dispersion, along with their affordable cost. They are the modern version of the classic round brilliant-cut diamond.

With its inverted pyramid silhouette, dazzling facets, and beveled edges, the princess cut diamond is touted as the most scintillating among square and rectangular diamonds.

Emerald Cut

Influenced by the Art Deco style, emerald cut diamonds offer perfect balance and create a stunningly sophisticated presence rather than radiance. They are affordably priced compared to other diamond cuts. The emerald is ideal for those looking to purchase an incredible gemstone without breaking their budget.

Emerald cut diamonds boast a sophisticated, mirror-like quality that reflects glints of light. The meticulously carved steps on the sides further add to its mesmerizing sparkle and clarity. The large top table amplifies its size even more.

Oval Cut

With their dazzling beauty and modern flair, oval-cut diamonds make a statement while also being reasonably priced. They flaunt sizes like no other stone and create a unique look that demonstrates your individual style.

In terms of quality versus cost, you’re sure to get the most value for your money with these magnificent stones!

Not seen until the mid-1900s, oval-cut diamonds have recently become a go-to choice for many jewelry lovers.

When analyzing an oval-cut diamond, jewelers will often describe it as having two heads (the rounded ends) and shoulders that complement each other in a balanced way. The flat belly should be centered symmetrically between the two sides for a graceful final look.

Pear Cut

The pear-cut diamond is a combination of beauty and sophistication. Though more expensive than other diamonds, their varied sizes, and settings make them affordable for all budgets.

These dazzling gems are sought after for their captivating glamour and attractive shape, making them an ideal choice for your special occasion.

For centuries, pear-cut diamonds have been a timeless staple in jewelry fashion. Nowadays, diamond cutters are giving these stones even more facets than in the past. This amplifies the gem’s sparkle and desirability.

Asscher Cut

The sparkling beauty and unbeatable value of asscher cut diamonds make them the perfect representation of true love. With its beveled corners, large table, and stunning facets that create dazzling flashes of light, this elegant yet affordable diamond will last a lifetime.

Originating in Holland, the asscher cut was once limited to antique diamonds but has since enjoyed a significant comeback. Always a square with rounded corners, asscher cut diamonds have a large table that allows you to look into the center of the stone.

Which Diamond Cut Will You Choose?

When it comes to selecting the perfect diamond cut for an engagement ring or other special occasion, there are many options available. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

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