Types of Wedding Bands You Can Buy

Types of wedding bands you can buy


We see in movies how men go to great lengths to propose to their lady love with a sparkling engagement ring. Though this symbolizes the love and commitment between a couple, another ritual symbolizes the holy bond between husband and wife- matching.

These aren’t as flashy and elaborate as engagement rings. Instead, these are simple bands that are worn daily. For many couples, wearing a wedding band or wedding ring is seen as a symbol of their marriage. Though this isn’t widespread across the world, many well-traveled couples are embracing this trendy ritual. Some are even using their wedding bands to mean more than just the love and commitment it means- some couples have their names, fingerprints or other symbols close to their heart etched on the rings. Yet others also add their birthstones to the design of the ring. The wedding band now represents more than what it intended to. Many couples get their wedding outfits designed according to the design of their wedding bands.

Matching your engagement ring with the wedding band

Many women love to wear their wedding bands along with their engagement rings. If you are planning to propose, ask the jeweler to show you designs where the engagement ring will complement the wedding band. There are many types of wedding bands which you can join with the engagement ring.

Here are some of the types of wedding bands you can choose from-

Matching bands- Matching bands are those wedding bands that complement the design of engagement rings. Generally, they contain the same metal as the engagement ring. What is different is the number of diamonds and other ring features. When worn together, these matching wedding bands give a dazzling look that will earn you many compliments. If you want, you can also get a customized engagement ring and wedding band pair made by select jewelers.

Eternity bands- Eternity wedding band pairs come with designs that intrigue. Many come with diamonds all across their shank. Some eternity bands have different settings in each ring- one each for the husband and wife, but the design on both remains consistent. Eternity bands are made in various metals- platinum, gold, silver, etc. Sometimes they have other precious stones like Rubies, Pearls, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, etc. Eternity bands may look dissimilar from afar but complement each other when kept together. This is the main reason why many couples buy eternity bands and engagement rings together so that all three rings can complement each other amazingly.

Nesting bands- These bands literally ‘double’ the size of engagement rings. Their design hugs the contours of the engagement ring to give the impression of a single ring. These rings are perfect for those women who aim to enhance the beauty of their engagement rings. If you do not want to choose a completely different designer wedding band, these are great options.

Stand-alone bands- These are independent wedding bands. Most wedding bands are made stand-alone, allowing you to wear them on either hand. These wedding bands have simple designs, which are slightly different for the husband and wife. If your to-be-wife isn’t keen to wear her engagement ring every day, a stand-alone wedding band is what you are looking for.

Stackable bands- Stackable wedding bands are designed with thin shanks to wear on top of an existing ring. This is seen as a practical solution for women who prefer to wear multiple rings at once. Such wedding bands are also available in thick shanks for those women who want to wear them without any other ring on their hand.

When is the right time to buy a wedding band?

Some couples prefer to buy their wedding bands along with their engagement rings. Yet others wait until their marriage to buy their wedding bands. There is no right or wrong time to buy your wedding bands. What matters is under which circumstances you purchase your wedding band.

Remember, a wedding band is a big investment. You should come up with a budget for this as you also have to look into other wedding expenses that you have to bear. Try to finalize the design of your wedding band at least two months in advance. If there are any size or design issues, you can get them rectified quickly. If you plan to get a customized set of wedding bands made, your order should be placed at least three months in advance to ensure it is ready on time.

Summing it up

A pair of wedding bands cements the holy bond between husband and wife. Whether you choose to buy a wedding ring set (engagement ring + wedding bands) or wedding bands separately, do ensure to keep your partner’s choices also in consideration before buying. Once you are ready with your engagement rings and wedding bands, you can truly enjoy this new phase of your life.

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