All You Need To Know About Diamond Accents

All you need to know about Diamond Accents

A shimmering diamond engagement ring is what every girl yearns to have. Though most of you are aware of the single diamond engagement ring, there is also the option of adding diamond accents to the ring for an even greater shine and look.  Here is all you need to know about accent diamonds!

First things first,

What is a diamond accent?

It is a smaller diamond used to complement a larger one for enhancing the beauty of a diamond ornament. These are generally lower-weighted diamonds that are added to the sides of the diamond engagement ring design (setting) for an added dose of beauty.
Also called diamond accent rings, these rings give another dimension of shine as all the diamonds together help the ring achieve an unparalleled shine.

Types of Diamond Accents

Baguette Accent Diamonds- These are rectangular cut diamonds or trapezoid cut diamonds used both as the primary and supplementary diamonds in rings. Though their size limits their use, their shine and their more prominent appearance make these accent diamonds a popular addition to many types of engagement rings. When searching for elegant diamond rings Scottsdale jewelers offer, you’ll find that baguette accent diamonds are often used to enhance the overall design, adding a touch of sophistication and vintage charm to various ring styles, from classic solitaires to more elaborate settings.

Baguette Accent Diamonds

Trillion Accent Diamonds– These triangular-shaped diamonds have a natural curve that suits the ring along with a wide table and a propensity to divert attention to the main diamond. They are generally used to flank a big round cut diamond or princess cut diamond. The resultant diamond engagement ring gives a larger-than-life appearance. No wonder the rich and powerful prefer these rings to propose to their loved ones.

Trillion Accent Diamonds

Round Accent Diamonds– Well-known for their incredible versatility, these diamond accents give the diamond engagement ring another dose of exquisiteness. Usually, three types of carat weights are used for these diamonds- stars (0.02 carats), cuts (0.02 to 0.07 carats), and melee (0.08 to 0.18 carats). The best part about these accent diamonds is that they can enhance the look of any ring design (setting). When shopping for Phoenix diamond rings, you’ll find that round accent diamonds are a popular choice among local jewelers, as they can be incorporated into various styles to add extra sparkle and sophistication to engagement rings and other diamond jewelry pieces.

Round Accent Diamonds

Marquise Accent Diamonds– Mainly used as side stones, marquise diamonds are oval-shaped diamonds with curved sides that meet at a point on the top and bottom. These accented diamonds are known to create stark contrasts, especially with the princess and round diamonds. When exploring Tempe’s finest diamond ring selection, you’re likely to encounter stunning designs featuring marquise accent diamonds, which add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces, offering a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles.

Marquise Accent Diamonds

How to choose the right diamond accents?

You’ll need your jeweler’s help here. Ask your jeweler to help you choose a design that you can enhance with diamond accents. Just as you chose the main diamond, you also get to choose the diamond accents for your engagement ring.
Here are some general guidelines you should follow for this-
For those interested in a diamond auction guide, it’s worth noting that understanding the role and value of accent diamonds is crucial. In auction settings, the quality and arrangement of accent diamonds can significantly impact a ring’s overall value and appeal, making this knowledge essential for both buyers and sellers participating in diamond auctions.
Clarity– Choose your accent diamonds of the same (or similar) graded clarity as your main diamond. The diamonds should look clear to the naked eye; they should not contain any visible blemishes or inclusions that can spoil the look. A little flexibility is what matters here- you could choose a set of diamonds that cost less yet have the same sparkle as a bigger diamond.
Size– Your accent diamonds should be no more than 15 percent of the size of the main diamond. This is to ensure they complement the design of the main diamond. This also establishes a hierarchy amongst the diamonds in the ring design.
Color– Usually your diamond accents should be colorless, even if the main diamond is of a rare color. Only with colorless diamonds can you help the main diamond stand out from the rest.
Uniformity– Of course, each diamond should be of a uniform size, shape, and color. This is needed so that the diamonds blend. Different-shaped diamonds would look out-of-place and tacky.
Take the less-taken path– You can become a trendsetter in your own way! Ask your jeweler for various options you have to make your diamond engagement ring one-of-a-kind. You could go for a design that isn’t well-known or use a unique setting made specifically for you.

Time factor

If you’re planning to use accent diamonds, you may need to give the jeweler more time to make the ring. This could mean a waiting period from a few weeks to even two months. Ensure you place your order well in advance for this. This information is also relevant if you ever decide to sell your gold and diamond jewelry, as pieces with carefully selected and well-placed accent diamonds can potentially command higher prices in the resale market due to their enhanced overall appearance and craftsmanship.

Summing Up

Diamond-encrusted rings can look even better with diamond accent stones to complement the main diamond. For getting one made, you have to work with your jeweler to select the right diamonds and settings that match your budget. When designed and made with careful thought, a diamond accent ring is sure to get you more compliments than you can ever imagine.