Conflict-Free Diamonds, Courtesy of The Kimberly Process

The ethical trading of diamonds is an issue that affects the lives of millions around the world. We love our craft and the way people form attachments to their favorite pieces, but we’re also supportive of trade that benefits others rather than harming. Fortunately for us, it’s easy to acquire diamonds in a responsible and ethically safe way thanks to the Kimberley Process. With this, we can continue to practice the craft we love knowing that our diamonds are conflict-free, meaning no part of the profits enables the perpetuation of violence.

What Is The Kimberley Process?

It started in May 2000, when several countries in southern Africa banded together to discuss ways in which to stop the trade of “conflict diamonds.” Their primary aim was to eliminate diamond trade that financed rebel groups that sought to undermine their governments. Later that year, the UN passed a resolution to create an international certification scheme for rough diamonds. In 2002, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was established to provide laws and regulations for participating countries. Today, KP members comprise about 98.8% of the world’s rough diamond producers. Members include governments and non-governmental organizations from around the world who continue to meet regularly and protect the diamond trade from perpetuating conflict. With the Kimberley Process, members are imposed with extensive requirements that ensure shipments are conflict-free. These requirements are also designed to keep conflict diamonds from entering into the legitimate diamond trade. Among other things, participants of KP are only allowed to trade with other participants and all international shipments must be accompanied by a KPCS certificate.

Fine Jewelry Made Simple

At Finer Custom Jewelry, using conflict-free gems of all kinds are one of our core principles. Our aim is to create custom-made jewelry that suits both our customer’s personal tastes in the most professional, imaginative and responsible way possible. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your own custom-jewelry concept.