How to Choose the Right Diamond For You

How To Choose The Right Diamond For You


If this is your first time, you will need to do some homework before visiting a diamond retailer. You can buy diamonds online, here too, you will need to make inquiries with the sellers to know more about the diamond before punching in your credit card number.


Here are some features of diamonds you need to know before you buy a diamond:


The 4 C’s

Each diamond’s worth is measured based on 4 characteristics- Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Based on your requirement, you need to choose a diamond that matches the right metrics based on these 4 characteristics.



Every manufactured diamond is cut according to set principles. The shape of the diamond matters especially to see how light is reflected through its angles. Ideal cut diamonds come in various shapes such as round, princess, emerald, oval, heart, and so on. The most popular of these is the round diamond. The more symmetrical the cut of the diamond, the more valuable it is.



This shows how clear and pure the diamond is. A grade is assigned to each diamond for this, with ‘F’ representing flawless to ‘I’ representing a diamond with some inclusions. Most diamonds are graded between F and I. Based on where the diamond is to be used, one aspect to consider is the clarity of the diamond and how much inclusions can be tolerated. When selecting Scottsdale diamond rings, understanding diamond clarity grades ensures you choose a diamond that meets your standards of perfection and brilliance.


As is with the Clarity, diamonds also receive a grade based on how clear their color is. You will get diamonds across the spectrum- from near colorless ones to diamonds with a slight yellow tint to them. You can choose a diamond on a color scale from D to Z.



Diamonds are weighed in carats. One Carat equals 0.20 gm. The heavier the diamond, the more expensive it generally is. However, the other C’s also play a significant role in the final price of the diamond. When considering diamond rings in Phoenix, the carat weight is just one factor among several that determine the overall value and appeal of the diamond.

It's time to buy a diamond

Metal choice

The choice of your diamond should not only stop at the 4C’s. What also matters is which metal is going to be used for making the piece of jewelry. For example, if you are choosing a diamond for a gold or rose gold metal ring, you can choose a diamond with a lower color grade. However, if you are choosing a diamond for platinum or icy white ring, you will need a clear colored diamond. When selecting from Tempe’s finest diamond ring selection, consider both the diamond’s characteristics and the metal type to create a perfectly balanced and stunning piece of jewelry.

Required diamond out of budget? Adjust your requirements

Diamonds come in various variations- some might be well cut but have many inclusions and might be of a slightly yellow tint. Others may satisfy most of your requirements but still may be rejected because of some of the other limitations. When navigating through diamond auctions guide, understanding these variations and balancing the different diamond characteristics becomes crucial in making informed decisions and finding the perfect diamond for your needs.

Nevertheless, you might get a diamond that is almost perfect but is way higher than your budget. If this is the case, you need not worry, as you can always adjust your requirements so that you get a diamond that is within budget though it may be of a lesser quality than expected.

As mentioned above, the metal choice is what matters which diamond you should buy. If you are doing this for the first time, it is best to take the help of an expert jeweler like Finer custom jewelry for the best results. He will ensure you do not get cheated in any way while you choose the right diamond for yourself.

Do you require other diamonds too?

If you are getting a customized piece of jewelry made, you may likely need more than one diamond, especially if it is an earring necklace set or a multi-stone diamond set. Your jeweler might have certain criteria set for the diamonds he requires. For those looking to sell your diamond and gold jewelry, understanding the specific requirements for each diamond in your set ensures you can make informed decisions throughout the customization process.

This is where your negotiation skills will come in handy. You will need time to choose the right diamonds according to the requirements set forth by your jeweler. At times, he may need multiple diamonds in various shapes- from round diamonds to fancy-shaped diamonds to adorn your jewelry set. Once both of you have chosen the diamonds you need, you can bring the price down based on various characteristics. Your jeweler will help you negotiate especially if some of the diamonds are of a little inferior quality than what you expected. Whatever be the reason, you are in a seller’s market, which means you have plenty of room to bargain.


In a nutshell

Choosing a diamond may not be that difficult if you have the help of your jeweler or any other expert. Remember, you should negotiate for the best offer. A little bit of quality adjustments is generally expected and you can use this to your advantage.