Men’s Engagement Rings: Styles, History, and Diamonds

4 Unique Mens Engagement Rings Scottsdale

Men’s Engagement Rings: Styles, History, and Diamonds The Origins of the Engagement Ring The tradition of giving engagement rings dates back to ancient times. The ancient Egyptians believed that the fourth finger of the left hand had a vein directly connected to the heart, making it a symbolic choice for wearing a ring. In ancient […]

The 5 ways to tell if your diamond is real

labgrown diamond Tempe

Ok so it’s actually more than 5. When we started we had 5 in mind, but the more we wrote, the more things we came up with. You win! Coveted for their rarity and beauty, diamonds are best known around the world for their sparkle, fire, and brilliance. Used for centuries in engagement rings, diamonds […]

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds – The Good, the Bad, and How to Choose One

elongaged cushion cut diamond engagement ring scottsdale

Elongated Cushion cut diamonds have reemerged as a popular option for engagement rings, offering a distinct sparkle and charm. The reasons for this are debatable though…is it because they are so unique and amazing, or is it because celebrities wear them so now everyone else wants to? Does it even matter though?  The Allure of […]

Zoë Kravitz’s Engagement Ring

zoe kravitz engagement ring

Zoë Kravitz’s Engagement Ring: A Closer Look Zoë Kravitz, known for her iconic style, made headlines in October 2023 when she debuted her stunning engagement ring from boyfriend Channing Tatum at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party. The ring, a cushion-cut diamond with a bezel setting, is mounted in 18k yellow gold and blackened white gold, creating […]

Unique Engagement Rings Designs

nature-inspired unique engagement ring

Unique Engagement Ring Designs: Stand Out with Your Perfect Ring Engagement rings have long been a symbol of love and commitment. While classic designs remain popular, more couples are opting for unique engagement rings that reflect their individual style and personality. In this post, we’ll explore various options for distinctive engagement ring designs.   Beyond […]

Ethical Diamond Mining and Responsible Sourcing

Ethical Diamond Mining and Responsible Sourcing If you’re in the market for jewelry you might have come across the terms “ethical diamond mining” or “responsible sourcing.” What exactly do these phrases signify and why are they significant? In this blog article we’ll delve into the world of diamond mining, ethical practices and responsible sourcing with […]

Sell Your Gold: A Guide to Selling Gold Jewelry, Coins, and Bullion

Sell Your Gold: A Guide to Selling Gold Jewelry, Coins, and Bullion Are you ever in a situation where you have jewelry pieces that you never wear? It could be a pair of earrings that no longer match your style or a brooch that has gone out of fashion for years. Of letting these pieces […]

Latest Trends in Diamond Cuts and Shapes | Finer Custom Jewelry

What do we mean by diamond cuts? Diamond cuts embrace shapes and facets meticulously crafted into raw diamonds to enhance their brilliance, fire and overall beauty. Each cut possesses characteristics that define its visual appearance and how light interacts with the diamond. Contact Us Why do diamond cuts hold significance? The impact of diamond cuts […]

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2023 | Finer Custom Jewelry

When it comes to a brides wedding day look, the jewelry she chooses plays a role in adding glamour and elegance. In the year 2023, brides have a range of jewelry trends to explore, enabling them to express their unique style and individuality. From eye-catching statement earrings to layered necklaces, stacked rings, and hair accessories, […]

Trends in Diamond Jewelry for 2023 | Finer Custom Jewelry

Finer Custom Jewelry Diamond jewelry has long been associated with opulence, grace and timeless allure. In the year 2023, the trends in diamond jewelry have taken a fashion forward twist. From geometric patterns to vibrant colored diamonds, there exists a myriad of options available to make a bold statement with your jewelry. When it comes […]

The Fascinating World of Diamond Creation; Natural versus Lab Grown

Distinguishing Natural from Lab Grown Diamonds The main contrast between lab grown diamonds lies in their origins. Natural diamonds are meticulously formed within the Earths mantle over millions of years through geological processes. Contact Us The Techniques Behind Creating Lab Grown Diamonds Lab grown diamonds are produced within a controlled environment that simulates the conditions […]

The Allure of Pearls | Fashion, Beauty, and Elegance

Are you someone who appreciates the timeless beauty and luxury that fashion offers? Does the elegance and allure of pearls captivate your attention? If that’s the case, you’ve landed in the right spot. In this FAQ guide, we will delve into the fascinating world of pearls and their enduring charm in our modern era. From […]

Making a Statement in 2023; The Rise of Bold and Daring Jewelry

Making a Statement in 2023; The Rise of Bold and Daring Jewelry In the evolving world of fashion accessories that exude confidence and make a lasting impression are becoming increasingly prominent. Statement jewelry, known for its captivating designs and larger than life elements has emerged as a point in many stylish ensembles. One company that […]

Jewelry Photography Tips | Finer Custom Jewelry

Introduction When it comes to capturing the beauty and intricacy of jewelry, photography becomes an art form. At Finer Custom Jewelry, we deeply understand the significance of showcasing our pieces in the most captivating way possible. The artistry involved in jewelry photography goes beyond documentation; its purpose is to evoke emotions and emphasize the craftsmanship […]

Introducing Finer Custom Jewelry: Your Go To for Exquisite and Personalized Engagement Rings

Introducing Finer Custom Jewelry; Your Go To for Exquisite and Personalized Engagement Rings When it comes to selecting the engagement ring, nothing quite matches the allure and significance of a tailor-made creation. Finer Custom Jewelry, a brand in the industry, offers a wide selection of engagement rings that cater to individual style preferences and customization […]

Introducing Finer Custom Jewelry; Embracing the Beauty of Uniqueness

Introducing Finer Custom Jewelry; Embracing the Beauty of Uniqueness Q1; What sets Finer Custom Jewelry apart from others? A1; The distinctive aspect of Finer Custom Jewelry lies in our commitment to delivering a personalized experience. Our expert jewelers work hand in hand with clients considering every detail and tailoring it according to their preferences. It […]

Guide to Properly Care for Your Jewelry | Finer Custom Jewelry

Guide to Properly Care for Your Jewelry Why is it crucial to care for your jewelry? Proper maintenance plays a role in preserving the aesthetic appeal and prolonging the lifespan of your jewelry. Neglecting cleaning and upkeep can result in tarnishing, scratches, or even irreparable damage that may require costly repairs or replacements. Contact Us […]

Finer Custom Jewelry | Wedding Bands

Here at Finer Custom Jewelry We truly understand the significance of selecting the wedding band that complements your personal style and preferences. Our extensive selection of styles, metals, and customization choices ensures that we can assist you in finding the wedding band for your special day. Contact Us Wedding Band Styles When it comes to […]

Finer Custom Jewelry | Jewelry for Every Budget

Jewelry for Every Budget Jewelry has always been a symbol of sophistication, elegance and personal style. Whether you’re searching for the engagement ring, a stunning necklace or a simple yet elegant bracelet there is a piece of jewelry out there that can help reflect your unique personality. However it is often misunderstood that jewelry is […]

Finer Custom Jewelry | Crafting Personalized Birthstone Jewelry

Introducing Finer Custom Jewelry   About Finer Custom Jewelry If you’re on the hunt for birthstone jewelry your search ends here with Finer Custom Jewelry. Renowned in the industry, Finer Custom Jewelry specializes in creating gemstones tailored to each individual’s birth month. With our expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we can assist you […]