Finer Jewelry In The Press – Gilad Mor

Finer Jewelry In The Press - Gilad Mor


Q: Tell me about Finer? Where do you source the diamonds?
A: Finer’s core concept was built on the desire to bring together the wholesale world and clients in the market looking to buy custom jewelry. We offer a unique buying experience which includes wholesale pricing in an intimate one on one appointment with your very own private jeweler. We are passionate about the small details and designing pieces that are truly custom.

Finer was founded by veterans who spent years working in the wholesale diamond industry. We believe that bridging the gap between cost & custom designs would allow for a better buying process for clients. Our experience and connections in the wholesale business has allowed us to educate and serve our clients at the highest level.

We source diamonds from all over the world. All of our vendors are members of the “Kimberly Process” which means they are actively trading and manufacturing while fighting against conflict diamonds.

Q: What are the benefits of working with a private jeweler in Houston vs a retailer when purchasing an engagement ring?
A: You know that term, finding a needle in a haystack? Well that’s how our clients felt before they found us. Many times, the style, design and specifications of jewelry you are looking for is not readily available in large retailers – that’s where we come in. Not only are you devoid from high pressure sales in our Showroom, but you can truly create something custom and original that fits your needs for a fraction of the price. Finer Jewelry offers the highest level of personal service because we understand buying jewelry is an investment. We offer a unique shopping experience where our diamond and jewelry experts go the extra mile to ensure your happiness and peace of mind. We could rant here, but we’ll let our customers do it for us.

Q: What other pieces of jewelry can you design or custom make?
A: Finer Jewelry offers custom engagement rings, wedding bands (his and hers) earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Q: Is it better to come with ideas and photos for the design process?
A: Yes. It always helps to see photos of rings/jewelry that you are inspired by. With that being said, they are absolutely not mandatory as we have a large inventory of photos and styles that you can see when you come in for your appointment

Q: How long does the design process take from start to finish?
A: Our process at Finer is simple. Come into our showroom, show us your inspiration photos and we will take it from there! As expert jewelers, our job is to educate, listen and work with you to build a ring that suits your personal taste and lifestyle. After we have come up with an idea for your dream ring, we will use computer imaging and design technology to create a custom rendering of the ring for you to see. Once the digital design has been approved by you we render it into wax to make sure it fits just right. Next, we set the stone(s) according to the setting style desired. Lastly, we use steam and ultrasonic cleaning to ensure your ring is truly flawless! The whole process takes between 10-14 days.

Q: What is the next trend is diamonds (shapes – ovals) ??
A: It’s all about Oval right now! Also, 3 stone engagement rings are also super trendy and highly sought after. Of course, vintage & classic will never go out of style. We love to follow the trend but believe that having a good understanding of classic styles is ultimately very important.

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