If you’re interested in upgrading your fashion so that you’re expressing yourself and creating a unique look, rose gold jewelry can offer an excellent option.

The industry of gold jewelry is worth more than $249 billion today. Rose gold, has a unique color, while still maintaining the characteristics that people love about other types of gold.

So, what should you know before you shop around?

Learn all things rose gold jewelry by considering the information below.

What Is Rose Gold Jewelry?

In its pure form, gold has a bold, yellow hue. When mixed with other alloys, you can buy white gold and rose gold options. Rose gold is gold that is mixed with copper so that it has a reddish, pinkish color.

Rose gold categories vary based on the copper content. This type of jewelry is a favorite for people who love different types of colored gold and want a different look from yellow gold.

People in ancient Colombia were partial to rose gold. Rose gold was also prominent in 19th-century Russia and has since become a mainstay for people shopping for different types of jewelry.

Here are some of the benefits of rose gold jewelry that you’ll appreciate:

It Has an Amazing, Unique Look

People like rose gold jewelry options because it offers a different color than you see every day. Gold, white gold, and other metals with similar colors are the types of pieces that most pieces wear. Rose gold offers a unique twist that is filled with rich, vibrant color.

If you have unique fashion tastes or are going for a different look for your wardrobe, you’ll appreciate the addition of some rose gold pieces. It matches well with all sorts of color schemes and can give you some new options to explore.

It’s Great for All Skin Tones

Rose gold gets universal appeal because it’s a nice middle ground on the color spectrum between white gold and yellow gold. The result is that rose gold looks great on any skin tone.

With white and yellow gold, many people wear one or the other, or neither, because they feel like it just doesn’t look good on them. Rose gold not only matches people’s complexions but brings out the richness in their features. Rose gold is great for current fashion or for people who have more of a retro style.

Rose Gold Is More Durable

These jewelry pieces are also great to add to your collection because of their durability. Your rose gold pieces won’t tarnish thanks to the high infusion of copper, which is a durable metal. Copper is valuable for its use in plumbing and electricity. You get the same quality metal, combined with the karats of gold.

Purchasing a jewelry piece is always a long-term buy, which makes this rose gold durability so important. You will appreciate this durability whether you’re buying an engagement ring, earrings, a bracelet, or any other rose gold pieces.

Rose gold backed with a hard diamond makes for an incredibly durable piece of jewelry.

It’s Often a More Cost-Effective Purchase

Because rose gold is mixed with copper, it doesn’t have the pure gold content of yellow gold. Since the gold content isn’t as pure, you will pay less for rose gold.

Despite the quality and value, you will find rose gold jewelry surprisingly affordable. If you’re on a budget but still want exquisite gold jewelry, rose gold can offer you some excellent options.

These Pieces Don’t Need Plating

When you’re dealing with white gold or yellow gold pieces, your jeweler will often opt to include rhodium plating. The rhodium plating is a type of finish that gives the gold piece more luster and reflectivity.

Your rose gold pieces are mixed with enough alloys to have their own reddish glow. The pieces reflect off the light and catch the eye enough to not require rhodium plating. This means that these pieces are also lower maintenance long-term since plating is always something that you need to re-apply and clean.

Rose Gold Creates a Certain Feeling

There are certainly emotional and cultural aspects of rose gold to consider. Because of its red and pink hues, rose gold is often associated with love, romance, and sophistication. Purchasing rose gold pieces gives you a look that you can’t replicate with any other type of gold, which is why it stands out.

This color option creates a regal appearance and is almost reminiscent because of its vintage appeal. Because of the artistic appeal of rose gold, people often end up loving their rose gold pieces more than any others in their collection.

Consider the Type of Pieces You’d Like to Buy

Now that you understand more about rose gold, it’s time to learn how to buy and style it. Look into the various types of pieces in rose gold so that you’re able to make a purchase with a jeweler.

From here, you can figure out what kinds of pieces go best with your fashion, so you can mix and match your favorite outfits.

So, what should you consider?

Explore the Different Kinds of Jewelry Available

Start to research the possibilities when looking for rose gold jewelry options. There’s a long-standing tradition with rose gold pieces in the jewelry industry, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that works for you.

People have adorned their bodies in gold since various ancient civilizations throughout history. Some of the many options you can explore that go great in rose gold include:

Consider how often you intend to wear the jewelry piece and for what occasions. This will help steer you in the direction of the piece that you think would go perfectly with your collection.

Check the Purity of the Gold

It’s always important that you research the specifications of any rose gold jewelry that you’re going to purchase. Think of your gold purchase as an investment by first knowing the purity.

Figuring out how much actual gold you want in your piece will quickly let you know the price range that you’re dealing with. The purity can vary widely with rose gold pieces since they use so much copper.

You can typically find pieces with wide ranges of purity, regardless of what side of the red or pink scale your jewelry is on. For rose gold and all types of gold, the purity level is measured in karats.

Know the karat metrics that differentiate quality rose gold:

It’s important that you know the karats and purity since these details directly affect how much your rose gold piece is worth. This lets you know how to value it, and you will also note color and durability differences depending on the karats.

Explore Custom Jewelry Options

When you’re going to purchase rose gold jewelry, always consider whether you would like to explore custom options. This is popular for rose gold since it already has such a unique presence and romantic connotation.

People are starting to explore custom ring options for their engagements. You can get messages engraved on a piece of rose gold jewelry to commemorate a date or to impart a special message.

What’s more, working with a jeweler allows you to create a piece from scratch with various stone settings and other features. You’ll love having a one-of-a-kind rose gold piece, which can also increase its value and potential as an heirloom.

Get to Know the Entire Setting

If you’re going to purchase a piece that has already been fabricated, research everything that you can about it. In addition to the karats of the rose gold and other specifications, learn all you can about the other stones that accompany it.

Diamonds are a popular match with rose gold because of the differences in color and the way that they play off of each other. Study the carats of the diamonds to know its weight and value. A single diamond carat is approximately .2 grams. The diamond weights that people typically buy will range anywhere between a percentage of a carat all the way to 2 carats.

You might also mix other precious stones with rose gold, including:

These color options can make a romantic statement or add some sophistication to any clothing pieces that you’re deciding to wear.

Speak to a Jeweler

No matter what kind of rose gold pieces you’re considering, rely on the taste and advice of a jeweler. Not only can they sell you a piece of jewelry that looks great on you, but they can also offer advice on how to style it.

They’ll let you know what colors go best with your piece and which style choices you may choose to explore. Make sure to choose a jeweler that has a deep inventory of rose gold pieces so that you have plenty to compare and contrast. Try on some pieces with an outfit that fits your style and tastes so that you have an idea of what suits you.

The jeweler will answer any questions that you have about the purity of the rose gold and any other details or concerns.

Check Around for Prices

Make sure you’re getting the best from your rose gold jewelry purchase by shopping around for prices. You might see a wide range of prices depending on the craftsmanship of the piece and its entire setting and the purity of the gold.

Custom pieces will also cost you more due to the labor and craftsmanship. Find a jewelry shop that has excellent prices and look around for promotions. Have your budget in mind so that you can find a rose gold piece that is beautiful, yet still affordable.

Get an appraisal to go with your rose gold jewelry purchase so that you know its composition, weight, and what it’s worth in today’s market at the time of the purchase. Keep copies of the appraisal so that you can accurately get an insurance plan for the jewelry piece. You can put the jewelry on an existing plan that you have, such as renter’s insurance or a homeowner’s insurance plan. You can also take out a separate plan.

The jeweler might also have some in-house insurance plans that you can apply to the purchase. Either way, protect your jewelry piece and take excellent care of it.

Consider Current Fashion and Timelessness

The beauty of rose gold is that it fits into today’s era, but also has timeless appeal. It’s the type of jewelry that you’ll want to pass down for generations.

Figure out what colors you like to wear most and consider how your rose gold pieces can apply. Perhaps you’re buying a gift for a special person in your life. Think about their fashion sensibilities and what significance the purchase has to your relationship.

Purchase Rose Gold Jewelry

These tips will help you buy the rose gold jewelry that you’ll fall in love with. You’re equipped to do that now that you know a bit more about rose gold.

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