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Sapphire Engagement Rings: What You Need To Know

Sapphire Engagement Rings - A Complete Guide

Most widely recognized for its vivid blue shade, sapphires are a beautiful gemstone and are truly breathtaking. The saturation and hue of this gemstone is one-of-a-kind, distinguishing them from other blue jewels like aquamarine or turquoise. This distinction has also earned sapphires a respected place in fine jewelry, where they sit alongside other coveted gems like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

As a timeless stone, sapphire has been used in jewelry design for centuries. Though diamonds are now the most common gemstone for engagement rings, sapphires have been used as symbols of love and affection throughout history. Learn more about what sapphires represent and if it’s a suitable stone for engagement rings.


What do sapphires represent?

For centuries, sapphires have been prized gemstones for their beauty. Because of their vivid blue shade, in ancient times, it was also believed that sapphires gave the sky its color. Over time, sapphires became coveted by royalty and were often worn by kings and other rulers as a symbol of protection and good luck. This behavior caused sapphires to become associated with royalty itself—and the stone became synonymous with nobility. This idea has been reinforced over the years thanks to notable designs like Princess Diana’s, and now Kate Middleton’s, stunning engagement ring.

Historically, sapphires were also thought to be symbols of love, making them a thoughtful and beautiful gemstone choice for any engagement ring. 


Are there different types of sapphires?

Though blue sapphires are the most recognized and most coveted shade of the stone—and also the rarest—sapphires also come in a range of other colors. White sapphires are widely used in jewelry design, while other variants like orange or green are less commonly seen.

Sapphires, including the non-blue shades known as “fancy sapphires,” are given their color thanks to different minerals in the stone as they form below the earth’s surface. Yellow sapphires, for example, are yellow because of the presence of iron in the stone, while blue sapphires are blue because of titanium.


Are sapphires a good gemstone for engagement rings?

Their association with nobility and love makes sapphires a unique and meaningful choice for engagement rings. Though blue sapphires are the most commonly seen in engagement rings, other colored sapphires like pink and white are sometimes seen in engagement ring designs as well.

Sapphires are a wonderful alternative to a diamond engagement ring for many reasons. Though diamonds are the hardest gemstone, falling at a 10 on a scale of 1-10, sapphires are not far behind at 9 on the scale. This means that they can easily withstand the wear-and-tear of daily wear necessary for an engagement ring.

Sapphires are also more cost-effective than diamonds, meaning you can purchase a larger carat-weight for the same budget. Though sapphires are less expensive than diamonds, that does not mean they are any less beautiful, making sapphires a wonderful option for a meaningful engagement ring at a lower price point.


What styles are popular for sapphire engagement rings?

Just like diamond engagement rings, sapphire rings come in different sizes, cuts, colors, and metals. Oval and round sapphires are popular choices, but sapphires can also be cushion- or princess-cut as well. To offset the vivid blue of the sapphire, many sapphire engagement rings are complemented by a halo of diamonds or white sapphires or set in a trio of stones.

When it comes to metals, the choices for sapphire engagement rings are nearly identical to those for diamond engagement rings. Choose from yellow or white gold, or go with platinum for a similar look to white gold with more durability. Keep in mind the wearer’s overall style and personality when choosing the metal to ensure it’s something they’ll love to wear every day.


Can I design my own sapphire engagement ring?

Creating a custom engagement ring has never been easier than with Finer Custom Jewelry. By revolutionizing the entire jewelry-purchasing process from start to finish, Finer Jewelry is helping clients pick and choose every element of their dream engagement ring. From the stone to the setting to the size, each aspect of the piece is totally customizable to make sure it’s the perfect way to represent your relationship and your love.

Whether you’re looking for a sapphire engagement ring, a diamond, or any other alternative, Finder Jewelry has just the thing for you. Start by discussing your design ideas and then choose the most important element—the gemstone. From there, you’ll finalize all of the other design elements to bring your engagement ring to life.

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