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anniversary band

Over the years, surveys have shown that a large percentage of both men and women forget their wedding anniversaries. One of them found that about 38% of men and 30% of women have forgotten their anniversaries on at least one occasion.

You should do your absolute best not to ever forget about your wedding anniversary. You should also make it a point to buy your partner a thoughtful anniversary gift every year.

If you have a milestone anniversary coming up, you might want to consider picking up an anniversary band for your partner. Anniversary rings are types of rings that are designed to be worn along with engagement and wedding rings to symbolize the unending love that exists between two married people.

There are obviously also other ring options that you can go with for an anniversary gift outside of just anniversary bands. But an anniversary band will prove to be extra special for a number of reasons.

Here are 11 reasons why you should get your partner an anniversary band for your next milestone anniversary.

1. Anniversary Bands Are Beautiful

Everyone knows that engagement and wedding rings are designed to be as beautiful as they can possibly be. But anniversary bands aren’t far behind in the beauty department.

When you buy something like this anniversary band, you’ll be blown away by how beautiful it is. It features everything from 14-karat white gold to a variety of diamonds in it.

The first thing that your spouse will say when you give them an anniversary band is, “OMG, it’s gorgeous!” They’re going to be blinded by the band’s beauty and thrilled to put it on their ring finger.

2. They Look Great Next to Engagement and Wedding Rings 

When you give your spouse an anniversary band, they aren’t going to have to take off their engagement and wedding ring to wear it. They also aren’t going to have to stick it on another finger other than their ring finger to show it off.

Instead, most anniversary bands are made to be stacked either on top of or underneath engagement and wedding rings. Your spouse will be able to wear all three at once without a problem.

3. They’re a Symbol of Love and Devotion

The anniversary gift that you buy for your spouse on a milestone anniversary should say, “I love you so much.” And that’s exactly what an anniversary band is going to do.

Hopefully, your spouse hasn’t questioned whether you love them anytime recently. But just in case they have had doubts creep in, they’ll find that all those doubts will disappear right away when they see the anniversary band you bought them.

4. They Reemphasize Your Commitment to Your Spouse

When you got married to your spouse, you committed yourself to them forever. But as anyone who has ever been married can tell you, you need to recommit yourself to your spouse day in and day out to keep this commitment going. It’s a never-ending process.

There are tons of ways in which you can stay committed to your spouse on a daily basis. But if you really want to show them just how committed you still are to them, giving them an anniversary band will reemphasize this commitment.

5. They’re a Sign of a Successful Marriage

When couples say, “I do,” the expectation is that they’re going to stay married for the rest of their lives. But unfortunately, this isn’t always how things pan out for people who decide to tie the knot.

The average marriage in the U.S. that ends in divorce only lasts for about 8 years. It’s why you should take the opportunity to celebrate if you’ve managed to make it longer than that.

Generally speaking, most people will decide to give their spouses anniversary rings at around the 10-year mark. These rings represent the fact that they’ve been able to enjoy successful marriages up until that point.

That isn’t to say that they won’t have to keep on working hard to make their marriages successful for another 10 years. But they do deserve to buy anniversary gifts like anniversary rings in celebration of their milestone anniversaries.

6. They Help Keep a Marriage Fresh and Exciting

When you and your now-spouse first got together and started to get serious, they likely expected you to give them a ring at some point. In fact, they were probably banking on you giving them two rings at some point in the form of an engagement ring and then a wedding ring.

But at this point in your marriage, they might not be spending too much time thinking about you buying them a ring. So imagine their surprise when they see that you went out of your way to invest in an anniversary band for them.

Buying your spouse a ring like this one can make your marriage feel fresh and exciting again. You’ll catch your spouse off-guard and make them wonder what else you might have up your sleeve in the years to come.

7. They Show Your Spouse How Much You Still Care

As long as you and your spouse have even just a semi-happy marriage, there is a good chance that you say, “I love you,” multiple times each day. Many married couples get into the habit of telling their spouses that they love them at almost every turn without even thinking about it.

But when is the last time you did something other than just say, “I love you,” to show your spouse how much you care about them? Giving them an anniversary band can help you accomplish this goal.

8. They Instantly Turn Into Family Heirlooms

You’re going to give your spouse quite a few anniversary gifts over the years. But if you stay married for a long enough time, they’re likely going to forget about most of them. They’ll all start to blend together at some point.

This isn’t going to happen with an anniversary band. This type of ring will turn into a family heirloom just like the engagement and wedding rings that your spouse wears. It’ll be one of your spouse’s most prized possessions.

9. They Cost Less Than You Might Think

Most people spend their fair share of money on engagement and wedding rings. As a result, the idea of buying their spouses yet another marriage-related ring scares them big time.

But guess what? You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank on an anniversary band in most cases.

An anniversary ring like this band is only going to cost a little over $1,000. That’s a small price to pay for something that’s going to mean so much to your spouse.

10. They’re Perfect for Both Men and Women

Throughout the course of this article, we’ve alluded to the fact that anniversary rings will look great with engagement and wedding rings on several occasions. This might make you believe that anniversary bands are only good anniversary gifts for women.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! You can find anniversary bands that would be great for both men and women. So you shouldn’t shy away from buying an anniversary band for the special man or woman in your life.

11. They Mark a Truly Special Occasion

We briefly touched on how an anniversary band would make a great anniversary gift for those celebrating their 10-year anniversaries earlier. But you should know that you can buy an anniversary ring for just about any milestone anniversary.

In reality, you can even buy an anniversary band as a gift for a non-milestone anniversary if you want. If you and your spouse have managed to make it through a particularly rough year, that might be reason enough to purchase an anniversary band for them.

Whatever the case, an anniversary ring is going to mark a special occasion within your marriage and have a very distinct meaning for both you and your spouse. You’ll come to cherish this ring forever, and you’ll be glad that you took the time to pick it out and give it to your spouse.

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