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If you love jewelry, you’ll be glad to know that there are so many options to choose from today.  

Globally, diamonds are worth about $90 billion as an industry. Whether you’re looking for some custom stones or a perfectly crafted piece to serve as a gift for someone you love, it all starts with understanding the shape that you’re looking for. 

Here are some diamond shapes that you can consider, in addition to information about how to purchase the right piece of jewelry.  

What Are Some of the Best Diamond Shapes?

While you’re getting fitted for a ring, make sure to also consider the shape and type of the diamond that you’d like to complement it. Understanding the diamond shape will tell you a lot about your purchase.

Not only does the shape of the diamond influence the style and appeal, but the cuts also affect the way that it hits the light and its overall luminescence. 

Different shapes also look better on different gold settings. There are diamond shape options for all tastes and fashion choices. 

Here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing diamond options: 

Round Diamonds

Round-cut diamonds make up the vast majority of the types that people wear. These diamonds are popular because of the brilliance and the impression created when light reflects. This particular cut is considered classic and timeless and can blend with any wardrobe style choice or expression. 

They are designed to maximize the way the light reflects, as round diamonds are cut with many different intricate angles. These optical advantages also give you more flexibility with round-cut diamonds, since there are a lot of attributes that can cover up flaws.  

Princess Diamonds

This cut provides a lot of the luster and appeal of the round diamond but in a completely different shape. It features a square shape but also has a variety of cuts and angles that reflect light. 

People love princess-cut diamonds because of the stylish beauty that they provide. Princess is a versatile cut that allows the diamond to express its characteristics in the corners as well as in the center. 

These diamond cuts draw people’s eyes in a different way, which makes it an excellent option depending on the style notes that you’re going for.  

Heart Diamonds

Many jewelers today are also crafting and selling heart-cut diamonds. This is an attractive option that goes all-in on artistry and expression. Heart-cut diamonds express love, romance, and appreciation, and are the perfect type of diamond to give someone as a gift. 

These diamonds feature a 1 ratio with perfect symmetry in the two different halves of the heart shape. People that wear heart-cut diamonds love the brilliance due to the different angles and the curvature of the heart.  

Pear Diamonds

This diamond shape is round and comes to a point at the top, much like a pear or a teardrop. It gives the wearer plenty of versatility since you can wear the ring with the point of the pear diamond either facing up or facing down. 

The shape intends to get the most sparkle out of the diamond, making it an excellent option for someone looking to make a statement with their jewelry piece.  

Marquise Diamonds

The Marquise diamond is similar to the pear diamond but is tapered at both ends, similar to a football. It gives you stunning refractive qualities and symmetry. This shape denotes balance and pairs well with other stones and any color or type of precious metal. 

It’s a sleek, slender diamond that can provide modern or vintage appeal.  

Oval Diamonds

People drawn to round shapes will appreciate the oval diamond. The oval diamond brings many of the same qualities as the round diamond, only with a more artistic and sleek edge. 

The oval diamond shows off a little more, making it perfect for someone wanting the timelessness of the round diamond, but in a more non-traditional way. This diamond is more elongated, so you can expect to experience different effects when the light hits it. 

Oval diamonds are en vogue right now, causing people to pay more than 20% higher prices for these than other diamond cuts. This makes for a great return on investment (ROI) since you can only expect your jewelry to keep appreciating in value over time.  

Asscher Diamond

The Asscher diamond isn’t for everyone, but it absolutely makes a statement when the wearer pulls it off. It is the cousin to the emerald-cut diamond but has more square features. 

It’s a statuesque precious stone that will stand out in any setting. This diamond cut was introduced by Dutch jewelers in the early 1900s. Because of this, it has so much vintage appeal and has increased in popularity over the past few years. 

Even when created in modern settings, the Asscher diamond immediately feels like an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry. Because of these many different cuts, observers will be in awe of this diamond at all angles. It possesses brilliance that is unrivaled and has become a favorite cut of choice for many people.  

Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion-cut diamond has the appearance of a large square with rounded edges – much like a cushion or mattress. It is the diamond style of choice for people who like what the princess cut has to offer in space, with the qualities of the round-cut diamond. 

This look is gaudier, which is why it plays well for fashion jewelry. The cushion-cut diamond denotes romance and is a timeless piece to have in any jewelry collection.  

Emerald Cut Diamond

As the name suggests, this cut involves cutting the diamond in the shape of an emerald. This is a bold and stunning cut with precise angles and plenty of height. 

If you purchase an emerald-cut diamond that ranks highly on color and clarity, this option is a sight to behold. It fits all sorts of stone settings and provides timelessness, class, and taste that you won’t get from many other pieces.  

Radiant Diamond

This exquisite diamond cut is an amalgamation of emerald, round, and other diamond cuts. It’s incredibly gaudy and enjoys the light reflective benefits that make it stand out. 

The radiant diamond also has plenty of timeless appeal and is a cut that can be enjoyed in all occasions.  

What Are the Different Types of Diamonds Available?

Now that you have a better idea about the different diamond shapes that you can purchase, what about the diamonds themselves? You’ll get the most out of the shape’s characteristics when matched with a quality diamond. 

Here are some of the different types that you should know about: 

Laboratory Diamonds

Today, lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity. This is a new and unique type of diamond that is made in a controlled laboratory setting, rather than in nature. 

However, make no mistake that these are 100% authentic diamonds and not cubic zirconia or any other manufactured diamond alternative. Laboratory diamonds are chemically identical to the diamonds that occur in nature. They are made through scientific processes after sampling carbon seed material from existing diamonds. 

From there, the diamond is forged in as little as a few weeks to a month. This is light years faster than the 1.5 billion years it often takes for natural diamonds to be crafted. 

You can lower your carbon footprint by choosing these diamonds as well. Many companies that grow lab diamonds also use sustainable energy from the sun or other forms of fuel. You can also get a better price on these diamonds than what you would pay for natural diamonds. 

Naturally Mined Diamonds

Naturally mined diamonds are still an excellent purchase for long-term value. They’re rarer than lab-grown diamonds and have a unique story. Research the shop that you’re doing business with to verify the source of their diamonds and their authenticity. 

From there, you’ll be able to explore so many different diamond options for any piece that you’re interested in buying. 

Colorful Diamonds

There are also many jewelers who sell diamonds of different colors. These diamonds change colors when they come in contact with elements like nitrogen and sulfur during their creation. 

Many people love the flair of salt and pepper diamonds. These are diamonds with inclusions that cause them to have distinct black and white color spots. Salt and pepper diamonds are stylish options that are often more affordable.  

How Can You Buy the Best Diamond Jewelry?

With that in mind, you need to know how to stop around for whichever diamond you fall in love with. Since the jewelry industry is so large, you should have plenty of choices that suit your tastes and interests. 

Here are some steps that you can take when looking for diamond jewelry: 

Explore the Specifications

Do yourself a favor and learn all about the most important diamond specifications. For diamonds, the most important matters to consider are the cut, clarity, color, and carat. The types of cuts refer to the shape, and the diamond is also graded on the precision and craftsmanship of the cut. 

This is crucial since the quality of the cut dictates how well it reflects light and the diamond’s overall brilliance. Color is graded on a scale, with the highest being as close to clear in color as possible. Clarity refers to whether the diamond is cloudy or if you can see into it. 

The carat refers to the weight of the diamond. A 1-carat diamond weighs approximately .2 grams. Take all of these details into consideration when you’re looking to purchase any kind of diamond.  

Know How You’re Going to Wear It

Make sure that you also have an idea of how you are going to style your diamond. Jewelry is as much about personality as anything, so there are no right or wrong answers. Figure out how your wardrobe will come into play and make sure that you match your diamond with the ideal yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold setting. 

Pair your diamond with quality karats of gold to keep the value and aesthetic appeal intact.  

Speak to a Credible Diamond Jeweler

Most importantly, speak to a diamond jeweler that can help you through the entire process. Make sure that the jeweler is licensed and certified as an expert who can answer all of your questions and steer you toward your next favorite diamond. They will talk to you a bit about your tastes and can match you with the diamond shape that can pull off the look you are going for. 

Ask for an appraisal at the time of the purchase so that you know exactly how the diamond grades and what it is worth. After you visit a few shops, weigh all of your options so that you can decide which shape and style are best for you. You will also have a better idea about price ranges and can find a diamond that fits your budget and needs.  

Shop for Your Ideal Diamond Piece

These are the points to keep in mind when you’re trying to buy quality diamonds. Many of today’s diamonds are more than 3 billion years old and contain stories that are as unique and brilliant as the diamond’s appearance. Understanding the various diamond shapes will help you get the best fit. 

Take the next steps and reach out to a jeweler that is skilled and experienced.  

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